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Natural Kalymnian Sponge

Two Types: Face (3 pieces) | Body (1 piece)

The main feature of this fine silk sponge is the sense of velvet created by its delicate texture during face cleansing and body bath. A gentle way to start your skincare ritual.


    What you should do when you receive our sponges is immerse them in water so that they can regain their natural / initial shape. But always make sure that you let them dry 100% before packaging them.

    The natural sponge it consists of natural fibres, so don’t wring it or boil it, also the sponge can be washed in the wool program setting at a maximum of 30۫ C in a washing machine.

    Following the above care instructions, your spοnge will last at least 1 year without loosing any of its properties. 


    100 % Natural Greek Product by the Island of Kalymnos

    Natural sponge has been used for thousands of years due to its unique qualities.

    Make-up, Surface impurities and pollutants are removed gently from face and eyes, without stripping skin´s moisture. Helps maintain skin´s natural moisture balance. Leaves skin feeling soft, silky and comfortable.

    It is hypo allergic and helps in the best cleansing  of the skin without irritating and is suitable for babies and children's sensitive skin.

    It is ideal for sensitive – dry skins as well as the sensitive skin of babies. 

    It is very absorbent in water and it creates thick leather while its variety touch softly cleanses the skin.

    It deters the accumulation of bacteria thus protecting face and body hygiene.

    Due to its variety surface, it is ideal for massage giving the body and face a unique relaxation experience.

    It is especially long wearing and does not unravel like industrial sponge nor does it strain or hold odors.