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Lise Jackson bodyballancer Pro

My Story

Hi, I am Lise!

I am one of the founders of bodyballancer Pro representing Greece and Cyprus.

A breast cancer survivor.

How the bodyballancer Pro enhances and helps my wellbeing!

I am a breast cancer survivor, in 2015 I was diagnosed with stage +3 breast cancer. I was in the UK at the time, and I was very fortunate to have a great team of medical professionals that I was referred to.


After completing my mastectomy, I was made aware that I might develop a disease called Lymphedema. Please note that this was in 2016 and since then our knowledge and treatments have improved leaps and bounds. Having done eight cycles of chemotherapy, a mastectomy and three weeks of radiation, my body was compromised. The casualness of being told that I might develop Lymphedema really didn’t hit me until I noticed that my right arm was larger than my left.


On top of that my left arm was also larger! I had no idea how serious this could be for me. At this time in London there was very limited choices, and it wasn’t covered by the NHS or insured under a private health plan.

I had done a thorough investigation not all lymphatic drainages are the same. That doesn't mean they aren’t good but you need to be aware of the differences. 


There are three different types of manual lymphatic drainage massage. In terms of manual lymphatic drainage massage, while the ‘Vodder method’ developed by Dr Emil Vodder is seen as the absolute gold standard, there are two other schools of lymphatic drainage massage: the Casley-Smith and the Foldi-Leduc methods. Both of these are almost exclusively used to treat serious medical conditions such as lymphoedema, lipoedema and fibrosis.

Any manual lymphatic drainage massage offered in an aesthetic setting, such as a salon, spa or aesthetic clinic, will be based on the Vodder method (it is always best to check prior to booking). The only lymphatic drainage that the bodyballancer Pro uses is the Vodder Technique.


I then had the fortunate experience of meeting Jules Willcocks the founder of the Body Ballancer UK. This was a complete turn around for me! It really made a difference to my mental wellbeing. There was a significant improvement in my arms a significant lighter feeling and a decrease in swelling! Of course, having this disease means I need pay attention to my lifestyle. Which the bodyballancer Pro is very much part of.

I took the plunge and became a proud owner of a bodyballancer Pro I really  fully experienced the benefits in my body shape, skin tone, and my overall state of health and mental health. I was so impressed that I asked if there was a distributor in Greece & Cyprus.

And so, the journey begins...

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