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Not Your Ordinary Distribution Company

As an awarded luxury beauty and wellness brand development company, The White Tree is dedicated to creating high-quality products and create longevity into the brands it manages and distributes.


Inspired in 2014 and established in 2017 in Greece by Angeliki Filippou, with the vision and mission to create a pioneering skincare brand of luxury, advanced and at the same time natural and sustainable, by touching on customer’s demanding needs from a unique perspective, trusting nature’s potential, using cutting edge biotechnology and handling effectiveness’s dynamics with respect, honesty and clarity. The result was Crocus Collector, shaping a new reality and offering a new dimension in the skincare ritual.

Within the first year of Crocus Collector  launch, the brand received 3 awards (domestic & international) and an international distinction for the sustainability approach of the brand. At the same time, The White Tree has been honoured with the following awards:

"Best Luxury Beauty Brand Development Company 2021" by Lux Life Magazine
"Best Business & Brand Development Company - Greece 2022" by European Enterprise Awards
"Greece Prestige Awards, 2022-2023" Shortlisted by Corporate Live Wire

"European Enterprise Awards 2023 - Most Innovative Luxury Brand Development & Distribution Company - Greece" by EU Business News

On top The White Tree Team keeps an eye on the global developments on the Beauty & Wellness industry and acts proactively in order to present and provide prompt access for its customers to pioneering products and concepts based on two main pillars:

Pillar I   Brand Management and Business Development in Greece and Cyprus

Pillar II  Distribution


The core of the company is a highly motivated team, with common vision and passion, flexible to adapt to the special needs of each brand by sourcing from the industry each time the appropriate attributes required to fulfill its commitments to our clients.

Mission Statements
Professional | Flexible | Visionary | Motivated | Authentic


Brand & Product Development
Design Premium Wellness Sustainable Products to be trusted for Safety, Quality & Effectiveness by breaking the codes of natural skincare industry and introduce the luxury of the simplicity at all levels.

Brand Management & Distribution
Distinguish unique, like minded brands that are leaders in their arena and fit into our DNA and specialised network. Be the first place that customers will look for pioneering and effective wellness & lifestyle products of high aesthetic, design and quality.

"Source, distribute and grow unique brands we love! "                             
Angeliki Filippou | Founder

Communication, PR & Sustainability

"Fueling inspiration to nurture and expand our vision into an innovative, profitable, and sustainable business model. Through authentic communication, we cultivate brands that thrive and leave a positive impact on the world."

                                                                                                Lina Korizi | CCO - Director of Global Communication and PR
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Operational Excellence & Sustainability
Sourcing, Production, Ingredients, Packaging, Shipping, Business Practices & Ethics

"We operate at all levels always taking into consideration customer’s experience, needs and focusing on e
nvironmental sustainability."

Kostas Petroulopoulos | Partner

"We recognise that each brand is a unique entity.
Develop, implement and curate tailor-made strategies that are groundbreaking."

Lise Jackson | Strategic Partner


European Enterprise Awards

Most Innovative Luxury Brand Development & Distribution

Company - Greece


EU Business News

Prestige Awards UK



European Enterprise Awards

 Best Business & Brand Development Company - Greece


EU Business News

Best European Company

Luxury Brands Development


LuxLife Magazine

Vogue Issue JAN 2023
L Officiel BALTICS
Vogue Issue DEC 2022
Vogue Issue NOV 2022
L Officiel LATVIA
L Officiel BALTICS, FEB - MAR 2023


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"The tree is a unique symbolism in human culture as an expression of knowledge and wisdom as the use of white color signifies purity. Taking a closer look of the skin, the tissue resembles tree branches, this was the inspiration for our corporate identity making clear the relationship of the sustainable skincare products that we design and offer to our customers."

Angeliki Filippou | Founder, 2017

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