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Rethink Your Wellness Lifestyle

The White Tree is a groundbreaking Greek Company established in 2017 in Athens, Greece. Main drive was to develop  a skincare brand of luxury, advanced and at the same time natural and sustainable (brand name CROCUS COLLECTOR) , by touching on customer’s demanding needs from a unique perspective, trusting nature’s potential and handling effectiveness’s dynamics with respect, honesty and clarity.

Within the first year of CROCUS COLLECTOR  launch, the project received 3 awards (domestic & international) and an international distinction for the sustainability approach of the brand.

In 2021 and despite the pandemic negative impact, "The White Tree" has been awarded by Lux Life Magazine as "Best Luxury Beauty Brand Development Company 2021". In the same year, the company started exporting to Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and commenced negotiations with other international markets.

International lifestyle and design Press such as Vogue and L'Officiel loves our brands and they showcase them across the borders.

On top, The White Tree Team keeps an eye on the global developments on the Beauty & Wellness industry and acts proactively in order to present and provide prompt access for its customers to pioneering products.

The core of the company is a small highly motivated team, with common vision and passion, flexible to adapt to the special needs of each project by employing from the industry each time the appropriate skills required to deliver its promise to the customers and offer effective and sustainable personal care experiences.

We operate at all levels always taking into consideration customer’s needs and focusing on environmental sustainability.


"Design Products to be trusted for Safety, Quality & Effectiveness by breaking the codes of natural skincare industry and introduce the luxury of the simplicity at all levels.
Be the first place that customers will look for pioneering and effective wellness & lifestyle products of high aesthetic and design."


Best European Company

Luxury Brands Development


LuxLife Magazine

European Enterprise Awards

 Best Business & Brand Development Company - Greece


EU Business News

Prestige Awards UK



Vogue Issue JAN 2023
L Officiel BALTICS
Vogue Issue DEC 2022
Vogue Issue NOV 2022
L Officiel LATVIA
L Officiel BALTICS, FEB - MAR 2023
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"The tree is a unique symbolism in human culture as an expression of knowledge and wisdom as the use of white color signifies purity. Taking a closer look of the skin, the tissue resembles tree branches, this was the inspiration for our corporate identity making clear the relationship of the natural skincare cosmetic products that we design and offer to our customers."

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